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Game Lady 168cm Final Fantasy 7 Silicone Cosplay Sex Doll Tifa
Tifa sex doll is smart, elegant, and arrogant. Wearing black lace sexy lingerie. She has some special sexual preferences. She is holding a leather whip in her hand and she seems to be pleading with you to whip her. Is she your goddess? Take her home! She will not refuse any of your requests.
role playing games sex doll was inspired by Square's role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII Tifa Lockhart.
Tifa Lockhart manages Seventh Heaven, a bar located in the slums of District 7. As a student of Zangan-style martial arts, she can defeat her opponents with her fast fighting skills. Tifa Lockhart is a goddess in the hearts of almost all players who have played Final Fantasy VII, she is lively, brave.
But Tifa sex doll just a silicone figure. She is simply Love Doll displayed with cosplay outfits that resemble famous characters, not the genuine merchandise associated with the game or franchise.

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