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The best puzzle and horror game you should play

1. 2048 cupcakes

2048 cupcakes is a fun and addicting game that has players trying to merge together all of the cupcakes from one row on the board with those from the row above it. It's a lot like 2048, but with cupcakes! The game starts off easy enough, but can become quite challenging as you try to merge together more and more rows of cupcakes. The goal is to create one large cake that takes up the entire board. 

2. fnaf 2

When you go to bed at night, the last thing on your mind is probably not what you're going to play in the morning. 

But with this new game, it could be. In "Fnaf 2", you take the role of a teenager who's been woken up by one of his friends and has been told about an outbreak at his school. 

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