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France.gif AkashiTumbayo
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Posté le 05/10/2021  
Penetration Testing Services

Why do you need penetration testing services? I've heard of it, but I never understood what it is. Why can't it just be replaced by antivirus?

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France.gif bosboja
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Posté le 08/10/2021  
RE : Penetration Testing Services
Penetration tests or pentests are effective practices that uncover problems and vulnerabilities in your business IT system and create comprehensive solutions to address those gaps and inaccuracies.
The pentest is conducted from the "attacker's" side. This creates a simulation of a hack, which allows you to identify gaps and weaknesses in your system.
There are plenty of such tests now, and I really advise using this service. You can get a good analysis here .

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France.gif andryys
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Posté le 08/10/2021  
RE : Penetration Testing Services

I always thought that antivirus protects the device well, but this is not the case. You can really protect your device with pentest

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