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France.gif bosboja
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Inscrit(e) le: 30/08/2021
Posté le 17/10/2021  
Strategies for business yes or no?

I plan to open my own small business, namely stores with anime figures. I think I should stick to some kind of strategy. Is it useful?

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France.gif AkashiTumbayo
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Inscrit(e) le: 12/03/2021
Posté le 18/10/2021  
RE : Strategies for business yes or no?

Attracting attention, building relationships and persuading to buy - these are the main objectives in company communication with the target audience. To achieve them successfully, it is necessary to formulate the right communication strategy and stick to the outlined plan. The open high low close trading strategy can help you in this case . Thanks to it you will understand how to build your business, attract customers, establish working relationships with employees and so on.

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France.gif andryys
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Inscrit(e) le: 08/10/2021
Posté le 19/10/2021  
RE : Strategies for business yes or no?

Strategies are useful, but you can build it yourself and not spend money on it. The main thing is good thinking

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