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What can cause choledocholithiasis? < Sujet précédent  Sujet suivant >
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France.gif andryys
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What can cause choledocholithiasis?

What can cause choledocholithiasis? Faced with this problem, but never found out the cause.

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France.gif AkashiTumbayo
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RE : What can cause choledocholithiasis?
Causes of biliary tract stones may be:
Stenosis of the terminal (terminal) section of the choledochus.
Penetration from duodenum of some helminthes (ascarids, cat bacillus).
Production of bile with especially high lithogenic properties in some geographical regions (so-called far-eastern choledocholithiasis). The mechanism of formation of such bile is still unknown. In these cases choledocholithiasis is considered primary.
Sometimes stones in bile ducts are detected some time (a few months, sometimes a few years) after cholecystectomy performed earlier. These can be stones found neither before nor after the operation ("residual" or "forgotten" stones), or newly formed stones ("recurrent" choledocholithiasis), which appeared in bile ducts after the operation due to metabolic disorders, bile stasis or infection. 

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France.gif bosboja
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RE : What can cause choledocholithiasis?

I had choledocholithiasis. It was an unpleasant disease, it was quite painful to go to the bathroom. Luckily I went to the doctor in time and had an operation.

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